Pif Paf Pouf Wak Bam

Colouring and Scribbling book
~ 2021 Available on request

Pottery shelf calendar

Illustrations made for the calendar of the french ceramic studio le Tabouret . When used you can collate all 12 drawings to make a long shelf filled with pots.
~ 2020

Errratum N°23 - Work in Progress

Contributions to the illustration catalogue Errratum
~ 2020
Issues are still available here

Errratum 25 - Wildlife Explorer

Contributions to the illustration catalogue Errratum n°25. ~2021
Both issues are still available here

Ville Morte : "How to organize a concert"

4 Illustrations for the collective Ville Morte, ink on paper
~ 2022
Available here

Grifi - AwAnPmJaDb

Illustration for a text written by Benjamin Dumond. A strange dream during which he found letters inside stones with Addison Dwiggins.
~ 2020

Unknown plants of the British Isles

Cards, Gouache on paper
~ 2023

Quilt Monster Workshop

What if the monsters hiding under your bed had had enough, they deserve comfort too !
After making a series of illustrations, I was invited to do a workshop at the ceramic studio Le Tabouret. Children had to paint their own monsters. Starting with a stain of paint, finding inspiration for what could be hiding underneath.
~ 2021

Night shift

Ink and watercolour on paper ~ 2022

All in the wrist

Press illustration, ink on paper
~ 2022

Fortune Coquille

Micro fanzine accompanied by a ceramic shell. In each shell readers find a unique fortune, a small sentence to enlighten their day. This project was preceded by a story [Particules](). ~ 2022
out of stock!


pencil and watercolour on paper
~ 2020

The Mikado championship

Comics published in the fanzine Blankette
~ 2022
Full story (here)[http://localhost/~arman/armanmohtadji/en/comics]

Four Cats

Illustration for greeting cards, ink on paper, risoprint orange and blue.
~ 2023